Mo Mastafa BA (Hons) Author – Trainer – Coach

Want to know a little about the types of things you’ll get to learn if you come on board? If you answered yes, then great! Here’s a brief overview for you:

  • How to overcome your limiting beliefs about marketing & selling your coaching services.
  • How to decide what you should charge for your coaching services.
  • How to get super clear on your ideal client… and who to avoid at all costs!
  • How to connect easily with coaching prospects online & offline, without being pushy.
  • How to start creating reciprocal, win-win relationships.
  • 3 Simple ways to establish yourself as the trusted expert, before you ever have a single coaching conversation.
  • How to easily and comfortably overcome the dreaded “NO” or “Sorry, I can’t afford it” price objections.
  • How to sell at hight ticket prices, face 2 face or over the phone.
  • How to get paid upfront & in full.
  • How to remove fear and coach new and existing clients with confidence.
  • How to coach clients virtually, so you can work from home or on the move, giving you more freedom to travel.
  • How to coach multiple clients at the same time, giving you more time freedom to spend doing whatever you love.
  • How to get powerful written & video testimonials, to help create future paid clients with greater ease.
  • How to add more value to your client and make them happier about working with you.
  • How to tap in an unlimited source of referrals & introductions using a simple 4 word phrase.
  • How to make future up-sell offer that your clients will need and want to buy.
  • How to ensure your clients win right from the start and start seeing immediate progress by working through you.
  • And much much more!

NOTE: The above is a guideline only and is not set in stone. The curriculum may vary depending on the clients goals and / or what coaching program is being offered at the time.