Pre Coaching Call Exercise

First of all, congratulations on registering for a life changing coaching session with myself, Mo Mastafa.

Ok, so one of the first ingredients we’ll need to help you create the life and career or business you want, is to have a VERY CLEAR VISION of what you want out of ALL areas of life.

Why? Because they are all interconnected.

Think about it…

Say your business vision interferes with your other life values e.g. key relationship (girlfriend, wife etc) or your health goals etc, you’ll always have inner conflict.

And that will slow you down!

Because you’ll be pulled in opposing directions.

So, we want to avoid that happening right from the start.

That’s why it’s important to have alignment between all key elements that make up our ultimate vision.

We want all areas of our life to complement each other.

Like a pack of wolves all pulling a sleigh in the same direction… momentum is able to be created. What you don’t want, is a “tug of war” between your values.

Now, I’m not sure if you’ve read it yet, but in his best selling book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, author Stephen Covey teaches a success habit called “Begin with The End in Mind”.

What this means, is that like an architect, we want to save wasting time, energy and money on taking ineffective action, by FIRST getting a VERY clear the end result were after.

This point is so important to success, that it played a major part of my education, during my 16+ months of being coached by one Tony Robbin’s top tier platinum and master coaches.

My coach at the time, Chad, who also happened to be a former Royal Marine and successful real estate owner and entrepreneur, made sure I had a clear vision of what I wanted.

And it helped A LOT!

This key idea, was also reinforced, in very similar ways, by many other highly successful business & marketing mentors that I’ve personally invested in throughout my coaching, consulting and training career.

In fact, I’m so committed to this idea of having a clear vision, that not only have I used this principle for many years myself to create amazing results…

I insist that all of my coaching, consulting & training clients use this same principle.

And whilst it’s very simple, like most of greatest ideas are, we do not want to underestimate how powerful this one simple exercise is. It will literally help transform your life.

Let me prove it to you…

For example, this visualisation exercise I’m about to share with you, helped one of my clients, Dan Morgan (from the UK), create his ultimate vision for his life, which included becoming an international yoga teacher.

Needless to say, only a few months late, he now frequently travels the world as a paid, high in demand, internationally recognised yoga teacher and qualified coach…

…and he’s building a very successful brand in the yoga community.

Watch his story here…

Now, this same powerful visualisation exercise, has also supported my other client Rob Davies (from the UK), in creating his ultimate vision for his life.

His vision included international travel, writing books and creating online passive income information products.

And guess what?

He’s also, since working with me, gone on to be the international strength coach for the Andorran Olympic Skiing team, living in the beautiful mountains of Andorra…

…creating information products, writing books and changing people’s lives!

You can see the first part of his journey here…

And here’s an update of his journey to date…

Great stuff eh?!

Anyhow… I use the same vision creating exercise for all of my clients.

Not just the clients who want help creating their dream careers or businesses, but also those who want to create their dream physiques.

Like Lewys Hopkins (from the UK) who came to me because he couldn’t get himself to lose weight, to now having lost close to 30lbs already, in just 12 short weeks.

And as a leader I believe I should practice what I preach.

So I used this method to help me stay focused in creating my ideal body, getting under 10% bodyfat, losing around 15kg whilst in my mid to late thirties…

…As well as using it to help me stay focused as I wrote my 2nd book.

A 250+ page, fitness mindset book, which I now use to help inspire clients, as well as folks from other parts of the world.

Now, besides giving you lots of clarity & focus, this exercise I’m about to share with you, will also help give you lots of motivation & inspiration to keep working towards you dreams…

It will help you during the good times, of which you’ll have many, but more importantly, keep you going during challenging times… that we all naturally face on the road to the top!

So let start that process now by creating your “Ultimate Vision Board”.

SIDE NOTE: By the way, we will work on your vision etc during our coaching call, however as it does take a little bit of time to get started, it will help you to get the processes started before we speak, so we can use more of our coaching time to work on additional parts of the success equation.

So here’s what you need to do. Follow this simple 3 step formula.

Step 1)

Choose at least 10 pictures that represent a clear vision of what you want out of life. These can be photos you’ve taken yourself or maybe you want to use the web to find some.

Make sure the images include and represent the following areas of your life:

Your finance goals e.g. The measurable ANNUAL TARGET income you want to aim for. Including any products, services, “toys” you want to be able to afford. Also include any contributions you want to make to others, such as charity.

Your family goals e.g. pictures of you with your loved ones and friends.

Your fitness goals e.g. A picture of your ideal physique (and maybe even the method you wish to use to help you get there e.g. Weight lifting, running, martial arts etc)

Your faith goals e.g. maybe a picture of the universe, a meditation picture, a religious symbol etc. Whatever you believe in. You choose.

By the way, as one of my marketing & sales mentors once said, it’s about taking lots of “imperfect action”. So just make a start with the process. Your vision will naturally evolve over the years as you achieve elements of it and start ticking off your “Bucket list”.

So, don’t worry about it looking super flash to start with. Just collect your pictures.

You can always organise them to look better later on.

Remember, it’s about progress, not perfection!

Step 2)

Next, make “Your Top Reasons Why List”.

See, in order to succeed, you need to tap into your own inner motivation.

Because according to leading psychologist, including best selling author Daniel Pink, all human beings are fundamentally motived by 2 things.

The “desire for gain & the avoidance of pain”.

And we can leverage this natural phenomena to spur us into action and create amazing results.

So in order to do this, I need you to complete the following exercise:

  1. Grab a pen & paper now and list your TOP 10 reasons why you MUST take action towards your vision i.e. what will you gain by taking action and working towards your vision.
  1. Next, list the TOP 10 reasons why you CANNOT AFFORD to stay where you are i.e. what will you lose if you don’t take action and create your dream life.

This will help motivate and inspiration.

Step 3)

Finally, let me know when you’re done.

You can Facebook inbox me here:

We will then continue to work on your vision & purpose during our coaching session.

I will also draw on close to 2 decades of business, marketing & sales experience to help you create a strategic action plan, which you can use to help you create massive progress towards your dream life!

That’s it.

What are you waiting for my friend?

Get started and keep me posted. I look forward to speaking to you soon.

To your success,

Coach Mo








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